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Halloween Giveaway Winners Announced!


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These beautiful people won my giveaway!!! <3 I’ll be in contact with you soon, or, if you happen to see this first, please drop me an ASK with your name and address and I’ll have your winnings off to you post haste! :D

And the winner of the “Kawaii Kira” prize is the most beloved fan artist extraordinaire, ~!

*bubbles happily*


Thank you all for following, your encouragement, your fangirling, your stalking, your general silliness and heart. <3 You’ve made the past year INCREDIBLE for this little lonely grown-up Death Note fangirl — you guys are the best. 

May Kira smile down upon you always.

Justice will always prevail. <3

[ Sorry I’ve been so absent lately…]

[ I suppose I am more like my muse than I thought. I lack motivation. *cries* Good news though!! I’ll be announcing the winners of my giveaway this evening and sending out packages this week. *happy*

I love you all, junior detectives!! Stay awesome! ]


by Katie Fujihara


Happy Halloween and First Year Anniversary of Detective-Sweets, my beloved junior detectives! I was going to wait to post this contest until October, but I am literally so EXCITED for this giveaway that I’ve decided to start it early, as I’ve been having so much fun creating these happy little gift sets for you. <3 


The top three biggest fans/followers of Detective-Sweets as highlighted by my Activity tool on October 15, 2014 at 10:00pm PST will be the winners!
Winners should be followers of this blog. You can reblog or like anything featured on detective-sweets!
A special fan chosen by me personally will receive the “Kawaii Kira” gift!

I will message you privately to let you know if you’ve won, and to collect your mailing address. Please make sure your ask-box is OPEN so I can communicate with you, and you must respond to me within three days, or I will move on to the next fan in line.

In addition to the prizes listed below, each winner will receive a secret gift from L himself! (much wow!)

PS. I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to ship internationally. ;__; 


Licorice and Snakeweed Candle 

ORCHARD Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Cozy Vanilla Comfort antibacterial hand-gel

Raven trinket bag

Death Note Manga art collage (as pictured)


Mini Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle

Ginger & Rosewood Soap in Skull Canvas Giftbag

Peach Pecan Cupcake antibacterial hand gel

Death Note Manga art collage (as pictured)


Mini Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle

Ginger & Rosewood Soap in Skull Canvas Giftbag

Graham Cracker Marshmallow antibacterial hand gel

Death Note Manga art collage (as pictured)


Farm-Stand Apple antibacterial hand gel

Death Note Manga art collage (as pictured)

Good luck and THANK YOU for making this past year ridiculously awesome! I love you all so much! <3

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His name is Bartok and he’s the cutest baby you’ll ever see.

Photos by ©Brain Gremlin

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Gift for complicatedmerary



Title: Nice Day for a White Wedding

Author: yagami-raito-kun

Rating: T (for language)

Word Count: 2,172

Prompt: Most of the characters in royal clothing, intrigue and betrayal evident, cattiness optional (Bonus points if L is called a Barbie prince).

Author’s Notes: I tried to base Takada on your RP version. Also, L’s outfit in this story is the same outfit one worn by one of the princes Alessandro Juliani voiced in the Barbie movies (Prince Carlos from Barbie: Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends and Barbie: Mariposa and the Fairy Princess). I thought that would amuse you. :)

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//For those who still wonder if I ever write anything non-angsty, here’s Exhibit A: the one-off fanfic I wrote for the Death Note fandom holiday exchange.





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